Why Democrats are losing

Chuck Ezy Kelly
2 min readJun 4, 2022


They’re wrong about the economy and inflation

This shows a major reason why America became great between 1933 and 1980

The pundit consensus that Democrats aren’t getting their message across to voters is flat-out wrong. They are getting the message across! It’s just the wrong message.

Everyone knows we have low unemployment and wages are going up. But they also know that rising wages aren’t keeping up with inflation and they’re blaming Democrats for it.

Pundits also say that it’s the Federal Reserve’s job to stop inflation and, incredibly, Democrats are agreeing with them.

Not this inflation! It’s not a money quantity problem, it’s a money distribution problem. Only Congress and the White House can reduce it and save the economy for middle and low income Americans.

Most causes of our inflation are international. There is very little our government can do about the world-wide pandemic, China’s lost production, supply chain issues of all kinds, and loss of arable land due to climate change. The most government can do is work with other nations to coordinate mutually beneficial actions.

Democrats need to point out that Republican tax cuts for the well-off and their spending are the major causes of our own nationally caused deficit and inflation.

When Democrats fund government programs like infrastructure they make our economy more profitable and actually reduces long term inflation and the deficit.

The wealthiest Americans don’t have to borrow money because they already can pay cash for everything. So the Fed’s higher interest rates hurt those who have to borrow money for what they need.

Check out the secure https Medium post below to see how tax policy and the two different kinds of inflation affect our economy, for better or worse: https://chuckezykelly.medium.com/todays-inflation-is-not-transitory-e972cff5db26.



Chuck Ezy Kelly

Retired college professor and management consultant