How to expose the Republican Supreme Court

Today’s Supreme Court is an extension of the Republicans in the Senate — not a Supreme Court of the U.S.

Influential and respected advocates for a woman’s right to choose should descend en masse on a major Texas city and place ads in all the newspapers. The ads would announce that they’ll rent an appropriate facility and give advice to those seeking an abortion, possibly out of state.

The newspapers as a group would agree to run the ads because of their interest in freedom of the press, which Republicans frequently attack. The absolute foolishness of the Republican members of the Supreme Court would immediately become evident. Newspapers and hundreds of respected health authorities could be sued by the State’s right wing vigilante crackpots.

The courts would be inundated with lawsuits for months (years?) to come and at great expense.

Let’s hope that future senators will never again approve Supreme Court nominees who will allow their religious beliefs or political views to Trump the established rule of law.



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